Analysis of the Star Trek USS Discovery (NCC-1031) series teaser

So today the Star Trek’s social media accounts and website released a teaser for the new Star Trek series coming in January 2017 titled Star Trek Discovery. This follows immediately after the movie release of Star Trek Beyond yesterday, on Friday July 22nd.

We got a few things:

  1. The name of the series (Discovery)
  2. The name of the ship (Discovery)
  3. The design of the ship’s exterior from the video
  4. The registry number (NCC-1031)
  5. Hints from the logo’s aesthetics possibly

So if you haven’t seen the teaser for the series, watch it below:

So now let’s break down what we know and apply it to Star Trek canon lore bullshit. I’m gonna explore how this teaser may reveal what era this series is in.

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