Weightlifting 102


I suggest anyone reading this, and is new to the gym, to read the previous part post first: Weightlifting 101: Part 1 – The Basics and Foundations for Starters

While this post is meant to for anyone, including beginners, the routine and advice is advanced. I personally don’t believe in having people start out on beginner routines. They learn incorrectly and have difficulty adapting to higher levels. There is no real reason for it other than making an easy to follow routine and “learning” to lift on compound exercises. Well that’s stupid. Learn something once, the right way.

The Routine

I bet the majority of you will want this part the most. I’m going to put it at the top here. But if you give a shit about reaping the results from a routine like this, then you better read this whole damn post and not just come for a routine to copy the routine thinking “doing that will get me results“. Basically if you’re only interested in the routine, fuck off, go do cardio at Planet Fitness or something. What you do in the gym does matter, but the routine/list of exercises doesn’t matter a ton. It’s how you do it and what you do outside the gym.

So let me explain how this split works. I call it a continuous split cycle. Instead of having muscle groups on certain days of the week with certain days as rest days, I just go to the gym every day, or any day I want, and pick off where I left off last in the cycle. For example: Chest -> Back -> Legs -> Chest -> Oh shit I skipped a day -> Back -> Legs – > Chest

Not a hard concept to understand. Essentially I never have an actual rest day. There’s almost no point since every muscle group is getting at least 36 hours to recover (36 hours is how long it takes for a muscle to fully recover from a lifting session.)

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